Working at home are
the best in 2020!

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Be the best version of yourself

Personal Freedom

You can manage your own time. No need to spend hours traveling from home to office. The average travel time of worker per year is around 350 hours can you see how much work can be done, skills can be learned if you will spend it improving yourself.
No need to prepare for an hour and travel for another hour you can work as soon as you wake up (But we are not recommending it at least do some stretching before working)
If you want a break after a stressful project no one will stop you, so no need to apply for a vacation leave that most of the time is denied.

More Income

Not all Freelancers or people working at home are getting a high income, but the good thing is, you can able to save it, since all you need to pay is electricity, Internet service, upgrade of working tools if necessary. Unlike when you are working at the company, transportation, meal and most of the time you use to hang out much often to your co-workers and in addition, you need to buy new clothes to look presentable.
You can have multiple clients and as long as you can handle it, your income will totally depend on you and what you can do.
Since you are working for different clients no need to pay for tax because your work is like a friend of yours is looking for someone to help him in a task or project in exchange for money.

Flexible Schedule.

If you are a skilled person and you are working on a project base work. You can choose the best time you want to work.
You can exercise in the morning go to the gym in the afternoon and hang out with your friends in the evening, even if you are under contract with a company sometimes they can adjust to what schedule you want.

You are the Boss.

Even though you are working for a client, you have an option to stay or look for another if you feel you they not treating you right or your salary is not enough to make a living.
Since you are working directly with the client rest assured that your suggestion and idea will be heard so it’s like your his/her partner on the business.

Unlimited Learning.

Most of the company is not allowing their employers to spend their time surfing or reading something on the internet because they think you just wasting your time on it.But in online freelancing, this is essentials you need to learn and develop different skills. Most of the learning materials are free but if you need to be certified some of them are a paid tutorial.

Less Stress

As mention on the top you have the option to choose your schedule, Choose the client you want to work for and if you are really skilled person doing multiple tasks is easy.

Make your Own Path

Most of the company will provide you tasks base on your skill and degree, but most of the people getting tired of doing things repeatedly every day.
if you are freelancers you can open other doors, you can undergo training and learn other things and choose a new career that most of the time you can earn more money.

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